Takefumi and Yu finished their undergrad. thesis presentations / 卒論発表会が行われました


Takefumi and Yu successfully finished their presentations about their undergraduate theses on Zoom on March 8, 2021. This fiscal year, we have been strongly affected by the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19 – and, in particular, two newcomers in our lab, in particular, encountered a hard time since we had to close the lab shortly after they joined us. Nevertheless, they have worked positively on their research and acquire various knowledge and techniques, and both of them were finally finished their undergraduate thesis. Well done, Takefumi and Yu! 

Takefumi will go on to graduate school and continue his research in our laboratory. Yu will leave our lab at the end of this month to work for a company. Even though they are in different places, we hope that their experiences over the past year will help them make further progress.