The Fukazawa Group FY2021 has just started / 深澤グループ2021年度,始動

M1 の磯貝涼介くん,学部4回生の後藤章浩くん,高木 周くん,そして事務補佐員の池田展子さんが新たに加わり,当グループの 2021 年度が始まりました。グループ創立から3年目,さらなる挑戦がはじまります。


The academic year 2021 of our group has just been started with four talented new members, Mr. Ryosuke Isogai (master course graduate student), Mr. Akihiro Goto, Mr. Shu Takagi (undergraduate students), and Ms. Nobuko Ikeda (administrative assistant). Welcome all to the group!

In view of the difficult situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we climbed Mt. Daimonji (i.e. Mt. Nyoigatake) together near the KU Yoshida Campus while taking measures against infections instead of having a welcome party. We enjoyed hiking and chatting each other in beautiful spring forests.

大文字山にて / At Mt. Daimonji with a view of Kyoto city (We took off our masks only at the moment of taking a picture)