Masahiro was Selected as a Junior Fellow of “Condensed Conjugation” Project /早川くん(D3)が高密度共役ジュニアフェローに選ばれました

早川雅大くん (D3) が,2020年12月に発足した科学研究費補助金・学術変革領域研究(A)「高密度共役の科学:電子共役概念の変革と電子物性をつなぐ」領域 (以下「高密度共役の科学」領域) のジュニアフェローに選ばれました。


Masahiro Hayakawa has been selected as a Junior Fellow in the Collaborative Research Project “Condensed Conjugation” supported by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (A).

In the “Condensed Conjugation” Project, we have established fellowship program for the postdoctoral researchers named “Fellow of Condensed Conjugation” with the aim of fostering the next-generation excellences through research experience and networking in diverse research fields. The Junior Fellow program is designed for graduate students who aspire to become Fellows of Condensed Conjugation in the near future, and are selected through a careful screening process. Congrats, Masahiro!