We enjoyed year-end research presentations & more / 年末報告会を開催しました

最後に,深澤が 2021年を総括し,メンバーの1年間の努力に敬意と感謝を評し,ひとりひとりへ表彰式を行いました。2022年はさらに実り多い年になるはずです!

Our group enjoyed year-end research presentations on 23 December. All of the group members gave talks about their own research progress in this year and the perspectives for 2022. We had very fruitful discussions afterwards. In the end of the seminar, Aiko delivered the awards to all the group members to thank for their tremendous efforts in research and group managements in 2021. We believe 2022 will be an even happier and more fruitful year for us all!