Yannic left back to Germany / Yannic 君が帰国しました

Yannic Hartmann さんが当研究室での研究期間を終えて,ドイツへ帰国しました。Yannic 君は特別研究学生として約5か月の間当研究室に滞在し,安井特定助教の指導のもと新しい交差共役系化合物の合成に取り組みました。Yannic 君の研究に対する真摯な姿勢と,手際よく多くの実験をどんどんこなしていく推進力に,メンバーはみんな良い刺激をたくさん受けました。また,温厚かつ愛嬌のある人柄でいつのまにかグループに溶け込み,研究以外での日常生活から研究室旅行,吉田神社の節分祭,ジム通いまで,メンバーと一緒に楽しむ姿が印象的でした。


Mr. Yannic Hartmann has completed his research stay at our laboratory and returned to Germany. As a visiting research student, he spent approximately five months in our lab, working on the synthesis of novel cross-conjugated compounds with the support of Dr. Yasui. His sincere approach to research and his drive to efficiently and swiftly conduct numerous experiments stimulated the entire team. Moreover, his amiable and charming personality seamlessly integrated him into the group, leaving a lasting impression as he enjoyed various activities with us, from daily life to lab trips, the Setsubun Festival at Yoshida Shrine, and even gym visits.

On February 22nd, Yannic delivered his final presentation, after which we presented him with message cards and gifts from the team members. Yannic, thank you for loving Japan, Kyoto, and our group so wholeheartedly. See you again in the future!