Welcome to the Fukazawa group

京都大学高等研究院 物質−細胞統合システム拠点 (iCeMS = アイセムス) の基幹研究グループのひとつとして2018年11月にスタートした研究室です。

Our group launched in November 2018 as one of the core research groups in the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Kyoto University.
We explore fundamentals on the design, synthesis, and properties of the novel π-electron materials, toward the development of superb optoelectronic materials.



Info: 第52回構造有機化学若手の会 夏の学校 | The 52nd Summer School of Structural Organic Chemistry in Japan

「第52回構造有機化学若手の会 夏の学校」が,2021年8月5日〜7日の日程で,名古屋大学大学院理学研究科・山口研究室のお世話で開催されます。

The 52nd Summer School of Structural Organic Chemistry will be held in August 2021 at Gamagori, Aichi organized by the graduate students in the Yamaguchi Group in Nagoya University. The students and young researchers who are interested in physical organic chemistry, pi-conjugated materials, and organic functional materials, are all welcomed!
The latest information is available at the official website (in Japanese).