Online journal club featuring Prof. Shiki Yagai / オンライン輪読 featuring 矢貝史樹先生

新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大の影響で,4月中旬から研究活動が大幅に制限され,グループメンバーは各自目標を設定し,自宅で研究や勉強に取り組んでいます。当グループでは,4/20 よりオンラインで原則全員参加の輪読会を毎日行っていますが,急速に普及したオンライン会議ツールを活用すれば,今までできなかったセミナーのスタイルも可能になるので,いろいろな方法を模索しています。

4/27の週は,矢貝史樹先生 (千葉大学) の論文を6報読みました。最終日の 5/1 (金) は,矢貝先生ご本人に登場いただき,研究秘話や最新の研究成果などもご紹介いただきました。矢貝研のメンバーのみなさんも大勢ご参加くださり,実際に研究をしている学生さんの生の声も伺うことができました。とても有意義な1時間でした。矢貝研究室のみなさん,楽しいディスカッションをどうもありがとうございました!


Due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection, research activities have been significantly restricted since mid-April also in Kyoto. Therefore, our group members work on research and study at home. As a consequence, we have been holding online reading sessions every day since April 20. By utilizing the online conferencing tools that are now widely used in all over the world, we can enjoy a seminar style that was not possible before.

One of the pilot projects is an online reading session with the author oneself. We read papers by the one author throughout the week. On the last day, the author is invited to participate the online seminar, and our group members are going to him/her a lot of questions about his/her research and research philosophy.

During the week of 27 April, we read 6 representative papers by Prof. Shiki Yagai in Chiba University. On the last day, May 1, we invited Prof. Yagai and his group members, and enjoyed very fruitful discussions with them for an hour. We thank for all the members in the Yagai Group a lot & we all look forward to seeing you in person in the near future!

Scientists are the people do not stick to existing styles, but create new things with flexible ideas. At difficult times like now, we are trying to be creative and moving forward while also enjoying ourselves to utmost.