Aiko is featured as a Reviewer of the Month in Commun. Chem. / 深澤教授が Commun. Chem. 誌の Reviewer of the Month に選出されました!

深澤教授が,Communications Chemistry 誌 (Springer Nature) の2022年8月の Reviewer of the Month に選ばれました。同誌は 2018年から論文の質の向上に貢献した査読者を毎月一人ずつハイライトしており,日本の大学研究者から選出されたのは初めてのようです。

Professor Fukazawa is featured by Communications Chemistry as a Reviewer of the Month in Aug 2022! This journal highlights the outstanding referees who significantly contributes their peer-review by constructive comments/suggestions every month since 2018. Professor Fukazawa is the first nominee among the researchers in Japan.

Outstanding referees – Communications Chemistry (Springer Nature)